Premium Incense Burner - Wise Man (Melchior)

Our Christmas Incense Burners are some of our best sellers and with Christmas incense scented with Christmas tree, gingerbread, hot chocolate, cinnamon apples or even buttery waffles, it is easy to smell why! The idea is simple, light the incense cone, replace the cover and watch as sweet Christmas scents waft through the room.

This decoration has been handcrafted by Christian Ulbricht in the town of Seiffen Germany. For almost 100 years, the Ulbricht family have been creating some of the finest Christmas decorations available.

This incense burner uses Regular-sized incense cones.
Important: Never leave a lit incense burner unattended

Handmade in Germany
Height: 19.5cm

*This is a special order item and will not be available for long. As this item is made just for you by our artisans in Germany, the best time to order is in July/August as we can offer a much larger range now than we can closer to Christmas.

By ordering early, you are securing a piece that is truly special at an excellent price so dont miss out! Expected delivery is 8 weeks