Find your favourite Christmas decorating style

Everyone has their own style when it comes to Christmas decorating. Find your favourite style by clicking below on the statement that best represents you:


Childhood nostalgia

My Christmas is about my kids. It is about remembering what it was like to be a child anticipating Santa's arrival on Christmas Eve. I love my Christmas to be filled with little reminders and traditions that are unique to me and my family. It is remembering that decoration we bought when our child was 5, or the decorations that remind me of Christmas with my family when I was a child.

A natural, Nordic Christmas

My Christmas is about authenticity and my style is to decorate with simple, clean motifs. My Christmas is about taking traditional Christmas themes into more modern surroundings. I prefer stylised forms and figurines rather than thousands of flashing lights. My focus is on the relaxed, authentic and meaningful experiences I have with my family and friends. 

New, unique and handmade

I love to find ways to celebrate Christmas my own way and this includes the way I decorate. I love to find decorations that are produced by hand in small quantities, items where time, effort and skill have produced something of quality. Each year, I love finding that special piece that not many (if any) other people own. 

Christmas kitchen

An important part of my Christmas is sharing food and fun with loved ones. The smells of sweet spiced gingerbread, pies puddings and biscuits evoke happiness and the sharing of a Christmas meal with loved ones brings me joy. I like decorations that remind me of the warmth of a Christmas kitchen. 

Timeless traditions

For me, Christmas is a time where traditional motifs remain as current today as always. Symbols such as the Christmas tree, Santa, reindeer, nutcrackers, candles and nativities are timeless, they represent a season filled with warmth, love and happiness.