LED Christmas Tree Lights FAQ's

The following FAQ is related to our battery operated LED candle Christmas tree lights.


What can I do when individual candles do no switch on or off?

If individual candles do not light up, the likely reason is that the battery is not properly connected or is flat.

If you are using a new battery, unscrew the clip with 1 - 2 rotations and check that the battery is the right way round (flat end of the battery is against the spring, the positive end ‘+’ should point to the tip of the candle). Screw the candle back up again and the candle should light up.


What if the remote control has power but the candles do not switch on or off?

Because each candle has its own individual sensor, you need to ensure that you press the remote control for at least 1-2 seconds so that the candles can pick up on the remote control’s signal. This is also true for distance. Try to use the remote control within 1 metre of the tree so that the signal is strong.

We have a 2m tall tree at home and find that the above is the best way of ensuring everything lights up first go. My niece sometimes likes to use the remote like a magic wand, tracing the shape of the tree and watching as candles light up…..but that is another story…. 


What type of batteries are best?

We recommend any good quality alkaline battery for these candles. To ensure there are no issues with batteries corroding, we also recommend removing batteries from both the candles and the remote control unit before packing away and storing after Christmas.


What sized batteries are required?
  • ‘Classic’ sized Lumix candles (12.5cm tall) require AA batteries (1 per candle).
  • ‘Mini’ sized Lumix candles (9cm tall) require AAA batteries (1 per candle).
  • The remote control unit require 2x AAA batteries are required.


Can rechargeable batteries be used?

The candles can be operated with rechargeable batteries, but the length of time each candle illuminate will generally be shorter than with alkaline batteries.

How long will the candles illuminate for?

If using new alkaline batteries, the manufacturer has produced the following guidelines

  • ‘Classic’ sized Candles (using AA batteries): Approx. 20 days if used 4 hours a day
  • ‘Mini’ sized Candles (using AAA batteries): Approx. 14 days if used 4 hours a day

*please note that this is a guide only. Times may be longer or shorter depending on the quality and charge of the battery used.

Why are my candles flashing/how do I know when to change a battery?

Candles begin to flash when battery power is too low. This is your automatic indication that a battery requires changing.

How do extension sets work?

Lumix candles are designed to light up with the use of a single remote. This means that, once you own a starter kit with a remote, you can add as many extension sets as you like.

Some people like to mix and match colours on their tree. On our tree, we love a combination both classic and mini sized candles in the same colour.

How can I connect several sets of candles with one remote control?

Ensure that your remote control is switched off before inserting batteries into your candles. Each candle will detect the remote control when the battery is inserted. They should all then turn on with the remote control.

Can LED bulbs be replaced?

Neither the ‘candle tip’ cover nor the LED’s themselves can be replaced.

 Why is the price higher on these lights compared to others.

The technology behind our candles is something special. with five brightness levels operated by a remote control and the ability to mix and match different colours and sizes, our Christmas tree lights are unlike anything else.

each candle light also has up to 40 Swarovski crystals attached to assist with their illumination. In a standard Classic set that is 400 Swarovski crystals shimmering along with your lights. These candles last for years and will bring an elegance and sophistication to your tree that will become a talking point.


Do I need a starter kit first, or can I buy the smaller extension kit only?

You need a starter kit first in order to have the remote control to activate the lights. Expansion kits will not work unless you have a starter kit starter kit.