Find out about our Easter 2018 range...


Easter is on 30 March 2018

Easter is absolutely magical in Germany. It is common for Easter to be decorated with figurines, Incense burners & Candleholders. The crowning glory, however, is always the Easter tree!


What is an Easter Tree?

The tradition of the Easter tree is about celebrating the beginning of new like. For Europeans, Easter coincides with Spring and the tradition of having a small decorated tree is a symbol of this new life emerging.


How big is an Easter Tree?

When we talk about Easter trees, we are not normally talking about  a 2 metre tall giant. Easter trees are generally smaller, at home we use a 1 metre tall white tree that has branches only (no leaves) like the brances shown below:

Natural branches make perfect easter trees.

For many, the traditional route is best. If you have a large vase or bucket and some real tree branches, you can create your own display.


What does Adornare stock for Easter?

We stock a wide range of figurines, candle holders and Incense burners for Easter.

By far our most popular items, however, are our hand-painted tree decorations and tree eggs.


When will items go on sale?

We expect to have our full range available by late January. With Easter being early in 2018, we will make sure we keep everyone informed as soon as stock arrives.